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To add a sporting and competitive element to the WinterRAID, several regularity and navigation tests are to be completed. The winner of the WinterRAID is the driver with the lowest number of penalty points. Professional and experienced RAID time keepers will accompany this winter rally.

Individual evaluation sheets with a summary of the penalty points of each participant will be posted at the stage destination.



The average speed of the stage will be announced at the driver's briefing each morning; the stage distance in km or in miles is indicated in the Roadbook.

The actual starting time will be entered on the log sheet at the start of the first stretch of the day. When calculating your theoretical arrival time, consider the length of the stage and average speed.

Time frame:
From the calculated arrival time onwards, you have 5 minutes in which to pass the checkpoint.

Neutralisation time is defined by the RAID organisation and will be credited. The neutralisation time must be added to your calculated planned arrival time (e.g. planned arrival time 12 pm, plus 10 minutes neutralisation time along the road results in the new planned arrival time 12:10 pm).

Penalty points:
200 penalty points: arrival before the beginning of the individual arrival time frame
100 penalty points: arrival after the end of the individual arrival time frame

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Spéciales (special or regularity tests)

Spéciales are kept secret. The starting time of the Spéciale is either entered on the log sheet or will be handed out just before the start.
The starting time for the regularity controls will be entered on the log sheet, the finish is measured electronically. Deviations from the required time over or under target will be penalised with 1 penalty point per 1/10 sec. For ex aequo decisions, measurement of 1/1000 sec applies.

Please keep in mind that the finish line of a Spéciale may be at the same time the start of another regularity test (will be indicated accordingly). In that case, the starting time will not be entered on the log sheet. Your passing the finish line is measured electronically.

NEW: Different average speeds for Spéciales compared to the average speed for the stage do no longer have an impact on your arrival time of the stage (i.e. the total driving time for a stage stays the same independent of the average speed for a Spéciale).

Hidden End Spéciale

The starting time will be entered on the log sheet and you get a time-distance schedule. Your passing the finish line is measured electronically at a hidden spot (no possibility to neutralise time).
The minimal- and maximal distance of the Hidden End Spéciale can be taken from the white shaded part of the time-distance-schedule (see below). In the grey shaded area of the schedule right at the beginning, there will be no time keeping: In the below example, the end oft the Hidden End Spéciale has to be in between km 2.0 and km 5.99 from the start.


On the vertical access (row) the distance measured in km can be found. On the horizontal access (column) each km is split into steps of 100m. In the cells the driving time measured in minutes and seconds can be found. You therefore read the schedule from left to right, one row after the other. The start oft he Hidden End Spéciale is at km 0.0.

In the example, the driving time from start to km 4.3 is 5 minutes and 44 seconds.

Change of average speed

Please refer to the example above for further clarification: There are 8 seconds between km 2.1 and km 2.2, which results in an average speed of 45 km/h. Between km 5.0 and 5.1 though there are 12 seconds (= average speed 30 km/h). Such average speed changes can happen multiple times within one and the same Hidden End Spéciale.

Any deviation from the required time (over or under target) will be penalised with 1 penalty point per 1 second.

Hose tests

These tests – unlike the Spéciales – are completed on very short stretches (max. 100 m). The time is measured by pressure on tubes positioned on the ground.
At the start of a "tube test", an information table indicates the required time (in seconds) and the distance to cover (in meters). The pressure of the front wheels on the tubes that mark the start and finish lines will register the time electronically.
Such tests can also occur "flying" (i.e. whilst you are driving with the normal traffic flow). You are expected to pass the test in the time provided without slowing down hard or coming to a complete stand still. These tests are specially marked (yellow and green flag together with required time for the test).
Deviations from the required time over or under target will be penalised with 1 penalty point per 1/10 sec.


Penalty points

You will find a list with all possible penalties points in the procedural regulations.


Each day every participant receives an individual evaluation sheet. Any protest against these entries (see sport regulations) must be made according to the rules of procedure.

Ranking lists

At the Award Presentation Ceremony the overall ranking list and the ranking of all other classifications are put up.

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