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Experience an unparalleled event: 25 Alpine and Dolomites passes in the middle of winter. Within three days no less!

NEW: including warm-up dinner and overnight stay in St. Moritz on 11 January

NEW: 25 Alpine and Dolomites passes in three days

NEW: return of the heroes on 14 January 2023 in St. Moritz: big celebration

No matter how this winter will turn out, the bigger and smaller, the famous and unknown mountain passes are the absolute highlight of this driving event. At the same time, they are a fascinating challenge. Organisation RAID is familiar with the passes of the Alps and the Dolomites. The routes of the WinterRAID 2023 are true adventure routes. What is more, you will be crossing passes that have never before been crossed at a WinterRAID.

The 19th WinterRAID: 11. - 14. January 2023

Experience an unparalleled event:

25 passes in three days ensure guaranteed driving pleasure, irrespective of the snow conditions
25 passes are a true challenge for the real enthousiasts among classic car rally drivers
25 passes: a whole new rally!

These are all the passes to be crossed during the 19 th WinterRAID 2023:

Thursday, 12 January 2023: 6 passes
Friday, 13 January 2023: 11 passes
Saturday, 14 January 2023: 8 passes

NEW! The 19 th WinterRAID will be kicked off with a warm-up: the Raiders' Dinner in St. Moritz on Wednesday, 11 January

Scrutineering will take place between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the garages of Engadin Bus AG (St. Moritz). After that, you will meet at the Hotel Laudinella to enjoy the Raiders' Dinner, which also marks the beginning of a new tradition! You will spend the night at the Hotel Reine Victoria in St. Moritz.

winter raid warm up

Raiders’ Dinner - a meeting point for participants!

An open-minded, fair and comradely community of habitués and first-time participants will share a social evening in an alpine atmosphere. Rookies can be sure to receive a warm welcome, whereas WinterRAID veterans will rave over experiences that are unique to the WinterRAID. It is a rally where countless friendships have been forged across all borders: the WinterRAID is a truly international rally.

Included in the entry fee: overnight stay from 11 to 12 January 2023 and Raiders' Dinner.

Unique winter ambience

If you are looking for a sporting challenge teamed with wintry driving pleasure, the WinterRAID is just the right event for you. You will be working hard during the day and spend your evenings enjoying the culinary delights and the cosy comfort of first-class hotels. In St. Moritz, you will stay at the legendary Hotel Reine Victoria. In Cortina d'Ampezzo, you will spend two nights at the Grand Hotel Savoia (5*), one of the Dolomites' best hotels and the WinterRAID participants' favourite place to stay.

4.1 4.2

 Hotel Reine Victoria St. Moritz: Home of WinterRAID

 Grand Hotel Savoia Cortina d’Ampezzo *****
 4.3 4.4 

Driving your classic car in winter?

You must not forget that back when your vehicle was not yet a classic car, it would obviously be driven in snow and ice…and back then, the winters used to be very harsh! What is more, the amount of classic road salt used today is ever decreasing. Besides, an information sheet about the protective measures to be taken for the vehicles in winter will be sent to the participants in good time before the start of the WinterRAID.


WinterRAID team standings: triple pleasure!

Embark upon this wintry challenge together with your friends, acquaintances or business partners. Three cars can form a team with a proper team name. The team with the least penalty points out of all teams registered will win.

WinterRAID Ladies‘ Cup
As is the case with all RAIDs, ladies' teams will receive a special award: The winners of the WinterRAID will be awarded the Ladies' Cup. In 19 years, 39 ladies' teams have mastered this rally with flying colours.


White Star of St. Moritz
The legendary award for the winner of the Engadine special stages is sponsored by St. Moritz Tourism. Representatives of this organisation will award the prize on the occasion of the traditional fondue dinner on 14 January.




Backflash: WinterRAID 2022


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