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Participation regulations and general provisions

Eligible vehicles

All categories and cubic capacity classes of vehicles produced up to and including 1987. The vehicles must comply with the road traffic regulations. The RAID Organisation reserves the right to reject vehicles.

 You choose one of the following categories:

  • VETERANS (cars manufactured up to 1939)
  • SPORTS (extra charge of CHF 130.- for 2 persons)

Handicap for vehicles younger than 1987

According to the entry conditions only vehicles build up to 1987 may participate in the RAID. Younger vehicles may participate in the RAID with an exception approval. However, in order to preserve equality of opportunity these younger vehicles will start with a one-time handicap of 25 penalty points.

Nature of the competition

On stretches according to the map or the roadbook the participants may drive freely but have to abide by the law and may not surpass certain average speed limits (not above 50 km/h). Secret checks along the route, various regularity controls, tube tests and navigation exercises. The drivers have to abide by the laws of the Swiss, German and French road traffic acts.


The owners of the participating vehicles must be insured against all third party claims in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. Participants are responsible for all insurance.

Exemption clause

The Organisation RAID expressly declines any liability for personal injury, material or financial damage towards participants, accompanying persons, vehicle owners and third parties. This exemption from liability is also valid for staff members and assistants. Drivers and vehicle owners accept liability towards third parties in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. They are also legally responsible for any violation of the road traffic regulations in Switzerland, Germany and France. Any dispute will be settled before a court of law in Basel (Switzerland). The applicable law shall be Swiss material law. Participants shall be responsible for all insurance.

Amendment of programme

The organisation reserves the right to make changes to the programme or to certain parts of the event. This decision cannot be challenged.

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