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An exciting, inspiring and well organised international classic car rally with a long tradition awaits you.
You get to experience the sporty ambiance, to relish sceneries, places and towns that you otherwise would not have discovered - all this together with other likeminded car enthusiasts. Culture in general as well as automobile culture characterise the RAID rallies.
The RAID team has beein organising the RAID SUISSE-PARIS since its launch in 1991, introduced the WinterRAID 15 years ago and just recently launched the RAID Autumn Drive.

In addition, RAID AUTO PASSION stands for all the events that centre around the start of the RAID SUISSE-PARIS in Basel, including the Prologue in collaboration with Emil Frey Classics, as well as the Concours d'Elégance that just celebrated its 20th anniversary,

Thank you for taking an interest in our events.

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    Mit dem eigenen Oldtimer auf grosser Fahrt.

    Der RAID ist einzigartig!

RAID 2016 Organisation NOIR

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